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Do you like the YEM and Your Everyday Shop and see it's potential?

You can now become a Silver, Gold or Ultimate-Supporter for our platform with making your donation using this offer. You'll receive a 100% YEM Cashback.

We will mention you on the Supporters page with Name and Country.

This is exciting because you show your confidence and pride and you are supporting the YEM and YES economy personally!

YES or Your Everyday Shop is a private initiative by Karsten Becker and Baltic iHub GmbH with CEO, Ralf Thode. Karsten has already been responsible as a programmer for the ShoppingCompass and SafezoneVision. Ralf is a dedicated YEM holder, has been an entrepreneur for 32 years, and is an experienced user in the digitalization sector and expert in financial matters and cryptocurrencies. The German Baltic iHub GmbH, based in Kiel, was founded on June 2, 2021, with a 100% initial capital contribution in YEM.

By chance, the two of them came together and decided to combine the strengths that each of them possesses.

This decision led to the idea of a global YEM marketplace where new and used products, services, and local services are offered by every member of the Safezone.

The goal is to create a payment cycle where YEM gradually replaces FIAT money.

For this reason, all offers are designed so that the sale price has to be paid with at least a 10% YEM share or, at a favorable sale price, a generous YEM cashback is paid out.

Because tax offices and shipping service providers on this planet do not yet accept YEM for payment, all taxes and shipping costs always have to be paid with FIAT money.

To enable combined payment of FIAT and YEM in a simple way, Karsten developed three payment plugins at the beginning of their collaboration, which we still offer on the website

PERNUMPAY Plugin for Wordpress
With this plugin, operators of a Woocommerce shop can receive YEM payments fully automatically.

YEM Cashback Plugin for Wordpress
With this plugin, operators of a Woocommerce shop can automatically payout YEM cashback. Payments are also made in "real" YEM and not in FYEM.

YEM Partial Payment Plugin

With this crowning of YEM payment plugins, it's possible for Woocommerce shop operators to automatically accept combined payments in YEM and FIAT money.

We offered these plugins for 100% YEM payment.

However, not everyone is able to design and operate their own online shop. That's why, in the next step, Your Everyday Shop was created. In the first THREE days after the BETA launch (activation of the first public test phase), more than 600 people from many countries registered, even though very few products were offered.

The marketplace is generating huge interest worldwide, as we can see from Google Analytics.

This is very encouraging, but also a lot of work.

In the background, we test processes, process error messages, discover errors that we correct, and answer inquiries that reach us on many channels.

Can you, dear reader, imagine why you haven't launched such a project yet?

Money, time, knowledge... are certainly reasons.

For these reasons, the YES Supporters idea was created. We're doing it similarly to WIKIPEDIA and asking for a donation so that costs that have to be paid in FIAT money can be covered.

So far, we have borne the costs ourselves. But now we are handing over the MARKETPLACE to the community, and EVERY YEM holder will find the opportunity to shop with his YEM over time.

We will always continue to develop Your Everyday Shop and reinvest the modest earnings to improve the shop. But especially at the beginning, the earnings will be very low. So, the money has to come from elsewhere. Why not a small amount of EUR 10, 25, or 50 from each Safezone member? We will then immediately invest in software for outstanding support, translation tools to make the shop more attractive worldwide, and many other areas. We also plan to integrate particularly active partners in individual countries directly into our emerging network.

To put it briefly: The more money we have at the beginning, the faster the marketplace will become better and bigger.

Are you in? Then please become a YES Supporter.
We will add your name to the list of supporters at the end of each week. And we will give you 100% YEM cashback for your contribution, of course.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Warm regards,

Karsten Becker & Ralf Thode.

  • KHOMES Gruppenhäuser
    Very good idea. Sponsoring with a small amount and receiving back YEM Cashback. Hope for every success the YES Team could have.
    8 months ago