Longevità Attiva (Italian Ebook)

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  • Do you believe in the value of intelligent prevention ?
  • Would you like to find a way to slow down the hands of time ?
  • Do you want to discover the hidden secrets of Happy Centenarians ?
  • Would you like to know the life-extending nutrients that help you stay fit ?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to reach 120 with the energy and enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old ?
  • Would you like to find out what are the determining factors of active longevity ?

If you answered YES at least 1 time... READ CAREFULLY , you may find valuable information!

October 23, 2023

from Viviana and Leonardo 's desk

Living long is one of the most popular desires ever. Without disturbing the myths ( Fountain of Eternal Youth , Holy Grail , Philosopher's Stone , etc.), the fact that people want to live longer is amply demonstrated by the enormous market of well-being, diets and wellness : people today do everything to stay young , to not age, to slow down the signs of time, not only on a physical level but also on a mental and emotional level.

Living long is one of the most widespread desires...

Medical science cannot yet solve many of the serious pathologies that we are all unfortunately familiar with, but although there are more shadows than lights on the pharmaceutical market ( ) , there is no doubt that developments in medical technology and prevention have lengthened the average lifespan.

... and it's true that science today is extending our lives.

However, living a long time doesn't make much sense if you live badly . Who among us would like to reach 120 years of age, spending 30 of them in conditions of disability , burdening the people we love, and without that autonomy that makes life worth living ? In this sense, we still have a lot to learn, especially from populations who, despite their apparent backwardness, not only live long, but above all live well .

But who would want to face years of sickness and infirmity?

Living passively for a long time cannot therefore be the goal... The real goal is to live well , to live for a long time in an active way , cultivating a passion, a reason for living, something that is worth reaching 130 years old, smiling, thinking and continuing to dance the celebration of life!

The goal is to live well, long and actively, cultivating a passion that makes us happy...

With this practical purpose in mind, we have combed through the major scientific studies on longevity , and combined them with our personal and professional experience in the fields of Nutrition , Detox and Wellness . Physical, but also emotional, relational and spiritual well-being, because healthy active longevity does not only depend on how you take care of your body , but also on how you interact with others and above all on how you treat your mind , your heart and your Soul .

To achieve this goal in a simple way, we looked for the best solutions: from here...

Exactly what is  Active Longevity ?

Active Longevity. The Secrets of the Blue Zones " is a  new book  by I FEEL GOOD!

This is the ultimate guide for those who want to live 130 years while staying fit! A brilliant manual by Leonardo Di Paola & Viviana Taccione, which starting from studies on the legendary Blue Zones (the 5 areas in the world where the greatest number of Happy Centenarians live), reveals 12 behaviors and mental habits that are fundamental for living well and for a long time.

Because if it is important to aim for 130 years, it is equally essential to get there with a head and a body that still function , to avoid being a burden to the people we love and to have valuable experiences until the end of the Journey ! 

Active Longevity is therefore a book that we offer you with all our heart, full of practical indications, smooth, illustrated, simple, complete and fun, which will make you want to love yourself even more and which we are sure you will like a lot...

What you find in the Active Longevity™ Ebook ...

  • The paradox of Western longevity
  • Because longevity is a relative value
  • From marshmallows to 120 years
  • Pleasure , responsibility and healthy discipline
  • Dalla To do list alla To be list
  • Medical care and longevity: a relationship worth reviewing
  • DNA vs Lifestyle: an unexpected revelation
  • Applying the Pareto Principle to active longevity
  • The extraordinary discoveries about the Blue Zones
  • What the 5 longest-lived areas in the world have in common
  • Wealth and longevity, an unexpected connection
  • How to defend yourself from marketing oriented pseudo-science
  • The 12 fundamental pillars to build healthy active longevity
  • How happy Blue Zone Centenarians eat
  • Which foods drastically reduce the chances of heart attacks and tumors
  • The unexpected healthy vegetable/fruit ratio
  • The winning trick of Hara hachi bu

  • The 3 reasons why calorie reduction keeps you young
  • The key factor of healthy physical fitness
  • Smoking , swapping , heat not burn : the whole truth
  • What is the maximum alcohol content for a long and active life
  • The 15 reasons why it is worth exercising (even as adults)
  • How and why to keep telomeres long
  • All the secrets on the 3 ideal physical activities for active longevity
  • Bathrooms that unexpectedly extend life
  • Supplements : do they really help you live longer?
  • Stress and aging: a relationship not to be underestimated
  • The power of good mood : the amazing sticker test
  • How to manage fears and obsessions to age less
  • How Friendship Extends Our Life
  • Okinawa's Terrific Anti-Aging Social Trick
  • Art , Spirituality , Mission : the essential secret
  • Meditate , a universal panacea for well-being, mood and brain
  • The Final Gamble : how to start the journey towards your active longevity

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