Lubricant Spray for Tools Subject to Wear

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High-Tech Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Metalubs XS is a high-tech metal surface treatment with a wide range of applications.
It can be used together with oils and greases.
Metalubs XS creates a chemical bond with metal molecules, and creates a very hard, very smooth and wear-resistant surface, which resists to damages resulting from friction even under extreme loads.

Apply Metalubs XS on the surface to be treated with the pumped distribution head (extended with a pipe if necessary).
Wait 1 or 2 minutes for the product to take effect.
It is not flammable.

Reduces friction
Lubricates even in extreme conditions
Extends the useful life of metal tools
Extends the useful life of metal components
Compatible with all oils and greases

Made in Germany

Spray: 100ml

Delivery ONLY to European Union

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