Protection of Diesel Injectors

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High-Tech Protection for

Diesel Power System

A high-tech fuel treatment developed for diesel operated engines.
Due to its Metalubs XD content the lifetime of the fuel supply system significantly increases,
harmful emissions are reduced, valves are continuously cleaned,
at the same time performance improvement and fuel economy is achieved.

Pour 40 ml of Metalubs XD per 40 liter diesel fuel into the tank in the first 200 liters,
directly before refueling.
Then regularly add 20 ml of Metalubs XD to each 40 liter of diesel.

Improves fuel economy, smooth engine running.
Cleans fuel injector, prevents injector nozzle from smear-off.
Neutralizes water contamination, corrosion inhibitor protection.
Removes carbon deposits on valves, extends maintenance period.
Reduces harmful emissions, environment friendly.

Made in Germany

Delivery ONLY to EU

Injector Operation without protection and Using X-D Protection:

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