Transurfing in Action (Complete Course in mp3 + pdf - italian language)

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Do you want to discover the Secrets of Reality Transurfing and take control of your Life?

What is Reality Transurfing?

It is first and foremost a mental and spiritual approach that allows us to grasp the true energetic secret of life and develop your full and total realization...

A current of thought that has millions of admirers internationally, and which allows us to realize our dreams and reach our true goals by acting within ourselves, on the internal vertical plane.

Transurfing, which the Russian physicist Vadim Zeland revealed in a large series of best sellers, helps us free our personal energy - often harnessed in sterile struggles on the external horizontal plane - and allows us to move effortlessly in the Space of Variations to get where we want, without attachments, resentments, useless waste of talent...

It is an esoteric discipline of reality management that in a short time has traveled around the world, gathering enthusiastic acclaim for its simplicity and efficiency.

This discipline is in fact simultaneously:

- A fascinating and refined Personal Growth philosophy

- An extremely valid Esoteric Technology of materialization of reality

- A practical and very simple to apply method of Emotional Management

- An enormously effective approach to personal and professional Human Relationships

- A Wellbeing and Prevention school of great value and immediate verifiability

The only limit of this discipline is that you must have time and desire to read and interpret the numerous texts written on the subject (even if they are not always easy to read), find in the meanders of the web tricks and secrets of those who practice Transurfing from time, find ways to put them into practice by adapting them to your personal needs.

This is why we have decided to condense all classic Transurfing - at least as regards the mental, emotional and energetic part - into a single 3-part path!

♦ 10 AUDIO, for a total of over 11 and a half hours of course

♦ 3 EBOOKS, with the illustrated transcription of the Audio, for over 324 pages

♦ 11 SHEETS, including mind maps, graphics and additional illustrations

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